Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a custom order?       

Of course! All of our orders are customized to each clients’ needs. In addition to size customizations, we have a wide range of weaving patterns to select from as well as wood finishes. Email us at with any questions regarding the extent of customization and we’ll be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your desired piece.


Do you have finish or cord samples?   

Yes we do! We carry samples of our standard finishes and cord samples and can send them out upon request. We are also happy to send any photographs that could be helpful in assisting in making customization choices.       


What are your lead times?   

Our lead times vary depending on product and workflow, but our current lead times are between 6 - 8 weeks. Lead times begin with receipt of a deposit.       


What is your return policy?       

Because each piece is made-to-order, we can not accept returns. Once a deposit is paid it is not refundable. If a finished piece arrives defective, damaged, or not as advertised, we will fix or replace the piece for no charge to the customer.   


What forms of payment do you accept?       

We accept check or credit card payments. Credit card payments incur a 3% processing fee.


Materials and Care

What wood species options do you have?

We work with domestically-sourced ash, oak, and walnut. If requested we may be able to accommodate specific requests for other non-exotic wood species.

What are your standard wood finishes?

Our finishes are oiled walnut, oiled oak, bleached oak, bleached ash, blackened ash, or blackened oak. Images of finish options as well as physical samples are available upon request. Oiled options are included in standard pricing, however bleaching and blackening options are both two step processes that incur a specialty finish fee.

What cord materials do you use?


We use a braided sold-core cotton cord that comes with standard pricing in a natural white or black option. Upon request, we can work with a dyer to create custom colors for your project. To account for custom dying costs a fee will be added to orders requesting such materials. Cotton cord is recommended for indoor use only.


Our nylon cord is lightweight, highly durable utility-grade paracord. It is available in a broad array of colors - please contact for more information. Our nylon cord is both indoor and outdoor suitable.

How do I care for the weaving on my piece?

Cotton Cord

Don't let their intricacy fool you, our woven pieces are tough and durable. In addition to the stain seal that comes standard on our cotton cord, we seal our cord with stain resistant spray. With normal use, our woven seating requires little care. For basic cleaning, simply wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum away dust. If a spill or spot should occur, blot immediately with a wet absorbent cloth or sponge. If needed, a tide pen can be used to combat stronger stains on white cord, and stain resistant spray should be reapplied regularly to maintain stain resistance. Always spot test any treatment on underside of piece before applying to visible surface. Each stain is independent and may require very specific advice. But we are here to help should the need arise!

Nylon Cord

For outdoor pieces, extra care should be taken to protect the longevity of the piece. We are happy to recommend furniture covers for storage and protection of outdoor chairs. All of our woven materials are porous and therefore require adequate air circulation to prevent mildew. Care should be taken not to store woven products in non-breathable material or damp conditions.

How do I clean my wood furniture?

Clean your wooden furniture with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth making sure to remove all moisture. Do not use any polishes or cleaners with solvents or abrasives as this will compromise the finish quality and beauty. Always use a trivet for hot items and coasters for all drinks. To clean stone, follow the same procedures and rules as with wood.

How do I clean the stone portion of my piece?

To clean stone, follow the same procedures and rules as with wood.